Operatic Coloratura Soprano Carol Smith
Each experience in an Opera house is determined by the way a human voice permeates the collective heart of an audience and resonates in their souls. This requires the perfect and often unattainable marriage of skill and sheer talent, and Carol Adrianne exemplifies these qualities. Since the age of five, Adrianne has developed an angelic voice described as, "Impossible to not listen to.” With the guidance of respected vocal coaches such as Mady Mesple and a robust education in Fine Performance Art at universities like the esteemed Academy of Music Biarritz in France, this humble native of Long Island continues to delight audiences world wide. Having graced the stage at East Hampton's Guild Hall, performed in twenty fully-staged New York theater productions, as well as professional ensembles around the world—Adrianne's passion for the medium emanates from every nuance of these performances. Her heavenly soprano echos an effortless translation of raw emotion into sound. Elegant performances in the past decade, have propelled Adrianne to career heights that merit her recent acclaim and industry recognition. Aside from her impressive repertoire in time honored classical productions, Adrianne earned an invitation to perform at one of the most prestigious venues in the world—the illustrious Carnegie Hall. Following in the tradition of legendary vocalists like Dame Joan Sutherland, Adrianne brings forth an intense sincerity and pure vocal talent that warms the hearts of opera enthusiasts. 

Carol Smith, Coloratura Soprano with Organist, Daniel Koontz

Rejoice Greatly by Handel